Risk Roundtable, ep. 10: Extremism, ransomware, and reopening (and re-closing… ?)

The people have spoken! The Gate 15 Pod has now become the Risk Roundtable. In this episode the gang is back at it as Dave, Jen, Jorhena, and Andy talk about extremism going mainstream, the continuously evolving threat of ransomware (double extortion, cartels, and encryption), as well as issues with COVID-19-related reopenings – and reclosings – around the world and the possible security implications. So much to get into that you may miss Jen pushing her new podcast – The Cybersecurity Evangelist (out next week!). Plus Jorhena giving a shout out to one of our amazing co-workers!

The newly named Risk Roundtable and the introduction this month of Jen Walker’s The Cybersecurity Evangelist podcast (featuring a great guest for the inaugural discussion!) round out our Gate 15 Podcast Channel menu. Week-to-week, you can now learn more about our all-hazards threats, risks, mitigation and other issues impacting homeland security risk management. The full menu includes:

  • The Risk Roundtable, a panel discussion among our Gate 15 team;
  • The Cybersecurity Evangelist, with Jennifer Lyn Walker;
  • Nerd Out! Security Panel Discussion, moderated by Dave Pounder; and
  • The Gate 15 Interview, a monthly interview with security and risk management leaders.

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The Risk Roundtable podcast is a recurring monthly discussion among our team and occasional guests as we explore the all-hazards threats and risks impacting the United States and internationally. As we seek to help apply a threat-informed, risk-based approach to analysis, preparedness and operations, we hope these podcasts are informative and maybe even a little entertaining.

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