The Cybersecurity Evangelist: Ep 18 – Space Systems are Critical Infrastructure for Critical Infrastructure

By Jennifer Lyn Walker, The Cybersecurity Evangelist

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Have you ever thought about just how much reliance there is on space systems and how satellites – tons of them – are actually flying computers with IP addresses? And due to that reliance, there is an enormous need and importance placed on space systems cybersecurity. In an episode that is out of this world, the Gate 15 Podcast Channel welcomes back a very special guest – Erin Miller, Executive Director of Space ISAC on the 18th episode of The Cybersecurity Evangelist – to talk about all that and more from the 37th Space Symposium at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.

Erin Miller from the 37th Space Symposium

From an event that Erin called, “bigger than Disneyland,” we talked about the importance of securing space systems, the pivotal role that Space ISAC is playing to increase the cybersecurity posture for the global space community, and the general passion for cybersecurity among attendees and speakers at the symposium. We also touched on the importance of a recent CISA alert for strengthening the cybersecurity of satellite communications (CISA Alert AA22-076A – Strengthening Cybersecurity of SATCOM Network Providers and Customers) and even shared a little fan-girl moment over “CISAJen,” CISA Director, Jen Easterly. Erin also talked about her visit with Dr. Stacey Dixon (LinkedIn) – Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence at ODNI.

Before we wrapped up, Erin heralded the strong partnership Space ISAC has with the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, and its mission in cultivating a community of access and talent to support cybersecurity for space and the economic support for space organizations to thrive in Colorado Springs. She also emphasized the enormous career opportunities in the space community – regardless of background, and the role Purdue University, UCCS, and others are playing to fulfill those needs. Essentially, now is a great time to join the space community in every capacity!

Listen here to learn about it all and much more on why space systems are critical for all critical infrastructure!

For more about Space ISAC and Erin Miller, don’t forget to check out Andy’s The Gate 15 Interview Ep. 16: Erin Miller, Executive Director, Space ISAC. Securing Space Infrastructure (and terrestrial critical infrastructure too!).

Finally, while Klingon’s may be a better enemy (The Gate 15 Interview, Ep 16), remember, cybersecurity resistance is futile!

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An interesting Tweet I found (and replied to) later in the day after Erin and I fan-girled over “CISAJen”

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