National Council of ISACs Provides a Congressional Update on Information Sharing Successes & Opportunities

On 23 Sep,  the National Council of ISACs (NCI) “hosted a Congressional briefing on to highlight the critical role Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) play in our nation’s cybersecurity. The briefing covered how the 27 members of the NCI support national areas of critical infrastructure and how Congress can help them be even more successful. The press release can be accessed here and includes a number of quotes from leadership across the ISAC community including Ms. Erin Miller, Space ISAC, Mr. Scott Algeier, IT-ISAC, and Mr. Josh Poster, Auto-ISAC, among others, as well as background on ISACs and reference to some recent publications developed by the ISAC community.

“I firmly believe ISACs play a key role in defending critical infrastructure, the Federal Government, and private and public sector networks.” (ISACs are a) “cornerstone for our nation’s multi-pronged approach to sharing information on cyber and physical security threats.”

Congressman John Katko (R – New York’s 24th District)

“We have strong reach into our sectors. If an incident happens, we can quickly share information as well as assess any impact to owners and operators.”

Denise Anderson (NCI Chair and President and CEO of Health-ISAC)

ISACs, and Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (ISAO), such as Faith-Based ISAO and Cannabis-ISAO, play critical roles in homeland security and our collective defense, security, and preparedness. While some ISACs and ISAOs are focused explicitly on cybersecurity, many have an all-hazards mission and work with members from across their communities, with government partners, security professionals and others “to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from the threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk” to our critical infrastructure, our communities and our nation as a whole.

Gate 15 is grateful to have been working with the information sharing community since our operations began in 2013 and to have the opportunity to contribute to their success and to our nation’s homeland security. To learn more about ISACs and ISAOs, scroll through our blog for a number of posts and podcasts (see The Cybersecurity Evangelist and The Gate 15 Interview).

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