Gate 15 offers expert risk management services focused on homeland security risk management. Leveraging years of experience and special relationships, we provide a threat-informed, risk-based activities approach to intelligence and Analysis, Resilience, and Operations.

Understand the Threats

Gate 15 provides timely, accurate, and actionable intelligence and information to inform situational awareness and to penetrate the decision-making cycle – to help inform preparedness and time-sensitive decisions regarding threats, hazards, cascading effects, and response.

Assess the Risks

Risk comes in many forms, directly and indirectly. Gate 15 is here to help separate the signal from the noise across all-hazards and blended threats to support leaders’ planning, resourcing, and operational decisions, to reduce risk and bolster resilience.

Take Action

Planning, training, and exercises to include workshops and the full range of discussion-based and operational exercises consistent with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) methodology and enhanced by our years of experience and expert delivery in the private and public sectors.
Gate 15 provides operational support to enhance clients’ capabilities. From part-time to full-time resources, working to support your team or by embedding experts into your operations with our staff augmentation, Gate 15 is ready to bolster your organizational readiness and security operations, to help protect your people, places, data, and dollars. Gate 15 serves as a trusted ally in navigating threats and enhancing operations, security and resilience.