Threat & Risk Analysis

Gate 15 provides intelligence and threat information services and products to inform situational awareness, preparedness planning, and to penetrate the decision-making cycle to help inform time-sensitive decisions effecting operations, security, and resources.


Supporting organizational planning, training, and exercises to include workshops and the full range of discussion-based and operational exercises, developed and executed in a manner consistent with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).


Augmenting your staff with our dedicated personnel, you gain the advantage of a Gate 15 teammate supported by our team and collective experience, networks and expertise.

Get the White Paper! The Hostile Event Attack Cycle (HEAC), 2021 Update

Developed by David Pounder and Andy Jabbour, Gate 15, with an introduction by Rob Yandow. Access the complete post and download the Gate 15 White Paper on The Hostile Event Attack Cycle (HEAC), here.

The purpose of this paper is to provide an understanding of the HEAC which can help organizations prepare for various threat courses of actions and develop enhanced security measures as necessary to potentially disrupt threat actors’ planning and to enable the organization to be prepared to respond appropriately.

Informational and Intelligence Products

The SUN is Gate 15’s free daily newsletter. Curated from our open source intelligence collection process, the SUN informs leaders and analysts with the critical news of the day and provides a holistic look at the current global, all-hazards threat environment. Ahead of the daily news cycle, the SUN allows current situational awareness into the topics that will impact your organization. To subscribe, please email

Our Hostile Events Preparedness Series (HEPS) is intended to give organizations a complete preparedness solution to addressing the threat of a hostile event. Addressing threats such active shooters, workplace violence, low-tech terrorism, complex, coordinated terrorist attacks and related security concerns, our series of events – from education to full-scale exercises – can be conducted as individual activities or as a complete series, based on the needs and fit for each organization. Want to learn more about  HEPS?

Preparedness Projects

Our team supports individual preparedness projects such as the development of incident response, contingency and continuity plans and procedures, and the design and conduct of training (i.e., cyber and physical threat awareness and staff education) and exercises (i.e., tabletop exercises, drills, continuous improvement workshops, and much more).

Staff Augmentation Through Embedded Preparedness and Operational Resources

Leverage our team and expertise to support your critical areas of focus. Translating general threat analysis into organizationally specific information in support of preparedness and operational activities, our greatest value is when our team can embed into your operations and augment your leadership and staff’s abilities.

By adding dedicated resources to support your analytical and preparedness operations you gain the advantage of not just another employee but a Gate 15 teammate supported by our team and collective experience, networks and expertise.