Resilience is: “doing the work upfront to prepare for a disruption, anticipating that it will happen, and exercising not just for the response but with a deliberate focus on continuity and recovery, improving the ability to operate in a degraded state and significantly reducing downtime when an incident occurs.”

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Jen Easterly, “The Power of Resilience”

At Gate 15, our philosophy prioritizes proactive readiness for disruptions across all-hazards, recognizing their inevitability. Our team brings extensive experience and expertise in organizational planning, training, and exercises to include workshops and the full range of discussion-based and operational exercises, developed and executed in a manner consistent with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) and enhanced by Gate 15 experience and approaches.

While “left of boom” preparedness is critical, it is also vital to learn from significant events, disruptions, threats, and incidents. Our team is ready to support your post-mortem activities as well. Whether looking at a ransomware attack. or a hostile event, responding to physical threats, or exploring health or environmental incident response, Gate 15 understands that resilience requires we learn from real-world events and “right of boom” opportunities as well.

Hostile Events Preparedness Series

Recognizing that organizations can no longer attempt to silo cyber and physical security and operations, our team brings unique experience across the all-hazards environment supporting cyber and physical threat intelligence, operations and preparedness.

Gate 15’s Hostile Events Preparedness Series (HEPS) gives organizations a complete resilience solution to address hostile events threats, such as active shooters, workplace violence, low-tech terrorism, complex, coordinated terrorist attacks, and related security concerns.

We conduct a full series of events – from education to full-scale exercises – on an individual basis or as a complete series based on the needs and fit for each organization.

Learn more about HEPS.

After-Action Reports

Gate 15’s After-Action Reports (AARs) provide comprehensive analyses of security incidents and exercises, offering valuable insights to enhance organizational resilience. Through meticulous review and assessment, our AARs identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, enabling clients to learn from past experiences and optimize their security strategies. With a focus on actionable recommendations, Gate 15 empowers organizations to implement effective measures, mitigate risks, and strengthen their overall security posture.