What’s in a Name

Gate 15 is an acronym and it symbolizes our core values.

Everyone who is connected to Gate 15 becomes part of our extended family; staff, clients, partners, and colleagues. As with family, we take these relationships seriously – we honor them and value them. Because of that, when we deliver on our core capabilities we, will always strive to execute to the highest standard and with the greatest respect for the trust our clients are putting in us.

Below, our founder and Managing Director explains the Gate 15 acronym. But how does “te 15” represent family? You’ll have to ask him yourself.


“The name Gate 15 is acronym, representing the priorities I established when I began this company, and the priorities I still hold as I try to help lead our efforts today. In short, if I can successfully honor my faith, my country, and my family in the way I lead and in the way our team works, then I consider Gate 15 a success… God and America, I think those are pretty self-explanatory. ‘Family’ has more meaning than may be evident. Yes, certainly, I want to honor and provide for my loved ones. But family is more than that. When someone takes the bold step and joins this team, or when someone chooses to bring us on board to assist in their mission, that is an incredible honor for me and a responsibility I take very seriously.” – Gate 15’s Andy Jabbour, Founder and Managing Director