Company Overview

Gate 15 is a proactive, technology-enhanced, human-driven, homeland security risk management organization focused on protecting our nation’s people, places, data, and dollars, and specializing in analysis, resilience, and operations.

With extensive networks across the homeland security enterprise – including throughout critical infrastructure and vital communities, with robust relationships and experience with ISACs and ISAOs, and public sector partners at all levels – we excel in fostering collaborative efforts across the public and private sectors.

Our core competencies are on the Services page. What sets us apart as a distinguished service provider are:


Unparalleled Public-Private Experience and Partnerships, including Extensive ISAC/ISAO Expertise

With deep engagement in both public and private sectors, from partnerships with government at all levels, with some of America’s finest companies, and including decades of experience with ISACs and ISAOs, Gate 15 delivers specialized solutions to meet dynamic organizational needs.

Cross-sector Critical Infrastructure and Other High-Risk Community Expertise

Gate 15’s understanding of evolving threats equips us to address security challenges across critical infrastructure and other high-risk communities with tailored, practical solutions.

Client Centric Approach

Prioritizing cost-effective solutions, Gate 15 delivers high-quality services mindful of client budgets and needs.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with Extensive Knowledge and Practical Expertise

Our team includes seasoned professionals and experts each with decades of experience and service across the U.S. government, in the military, and in the private sector. That robust all-hazards experience offers unparalleled expert insights and innovative solutions across our areas of expertise in analysis, resilience, and operations.

Staff Augmentation

Our team can support client needs on a project, deliverables or hourly basis. Additionally, we offer staff augmentation services, embedding our experts into organizations to enhance their operational security and resilience. By augmenting your staff with our dedicated personnel, you gain the advantage of Gate 15’s analysts supported by our team and collective experience, networks and expertise.