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Gate 15’s Hostile Event Attack Cycle (HEAC) white paper, updated in 2021, was developed by David Pounder and Andy Jabbour with an introduction by Rob Yandow, a retired police captain and National Sector Chief of InfraGard Emergency Service Sector. This paper aims to provide a thorough understanding of the HEAC, helping organizations prepare for various threat scenarios and develop enhanced security measures to potentially disrupt threat actors’ planning, and enable organizations to be resilient and respond appropriately.

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At Gate 15, we specialize in supporting clients with comprehensive research and development of white papers, travel briefings, and topical reports. Our team delivers high-quality, detailed analysis and presentations tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

For example, we have created insightful reports such as the analysis on the cybersecurity impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict for the multifamily industry, as demonstrated in this NMHC white paper.

Additionally, our expertise extends to complex topics like IoT security for commercial facilities, as showcased in our IoT webinar slides, and comprehensive guidance on hostile event preparedness, as seen in the WaterISAC education portal.