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At Gate 15, we work every day to protect our nation’s people, places, data, and dollars, ensuring the security and resilience of America’s critical infrastructure and vital communities. As a leading provider of homeland security risk management solutions, we specialize in helping clients understand the threat environment, assess risk exposure, and assist in bolstering security and resilience. Every critical infrastructure organization must prioritize resilience in today’s evolving threat landscape.

 This is resilience:
Doing the work up front to prepare for a disruption, anticipating that it will in fact happen, and exercising not just for response but with a deliberate focus on continuity and recovery, improving the ability to operate in a degraded state and significantly reducing downtime when an incident occurs. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Jen Easterly, “The Power of Resilience”

Core Capabilities


Timely, accurate, and actionable information informs situational awareness. This aids in the decision-making cycle to ensure preparedness and time-sensitive decisions on threats, hazards, and response efforts.


Promote proactive readiness for disruptions across all-hazards, recognizing their inevitability. From “left of boom” planning, training, and exercises to “right of boom” post-mortems, Gate 15 is your partner in enhancing organizational resilience.


Operational support to serve and bolster clients’ existing capabilities. From analysis to operations centers, and across the operational spectrum, Gate 15 serves as a trusted ally in navigating threats and enhancing operations, security and resilience.


Effective, secure collaboration and communications are vital to organizational resilience. Gate 15’s technology-enhanced, human-driven, homeland security risk management solution helps protect our nation’s people, places, data, and dollars.

What Our Clients Say

CISO, Fortune 500 Company

Andy and the Gate 15 team have supported our company in many ways over the years.  On a daily basis, they provide the intel necessary to protect our organization.  They have also helped us design our cyber incident response process. And they have guided our teams through multiple tabletop exercises, most recently including our company’s CEO, CFO, and General Counsel. The attention to detail and preparation that the Gate 15 team puts into getting every aspect of those exercises realistic has been critical to their success. As a result, they’ve earned the trust of our leadership team and have become a key aspect of our incident response program. 

Tom Dobbins, Executive Director of WaterISAC

WaterISAC has trusted Gate 15 to provide operational support for over 10 years! Gate 15 personnel apply a threat-informed, risk-based approach to develop intelligence and analysis specifically tailored for the security needs of water and wastewater utilities. The risks for this vitally important critical infrastructure are constantly evolving, spanning cyber and physical security, natural disasters, and other resilience challenges, making it essential that WaterISAC be prepared to offer timely and actionable information. As it has always done, when new incidents and threats emerge Gate 15 has WaterISAC and the sector covered!

Errol S. Weiss, Chief Security Officer, Health-ISAC, Inc.

Gate 15 is a proactive and instrumental partner in enhancing our cybersecurity and all-hazards preparedness. Their expertise, dedication, and comprehensive services have significantly bolstered our ability to identify, prevent, and respond to cyber threats. They stand out due to their high-quality work with consistent deliverables exceeding expectation and have a thorough understanding of out critical infrastructure threats. Their work is supported by a team top-notch subject matter professional experts whose insights are invaluable to our members and organization. They are genuinely invested in our success and readily adapt to our evolving needs. 

Michael Day, Tribal-ISAC Steering Committee Member and Tribal Share Chair

At Tribal Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Tribal-ISAC), Gate 15 has been instrumental in our startup, awareness, and growth. As a platform for cyber threat information sharing, threat prevention, protection, and community response for Native American governments, operations, and enterprises, Tribal-ISAC has greatly benefited from Gate 15’s exemplary analysts. Their timely information delivery has been crucial for our members. We view them as an ally and partner, always willing to exceed expectations. Gate 15 has built trust within our community, encouraging member participation and active collaboration. Their leadership and team are among the best.

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