The Risk Roundtable: EP 25. Holiday scams, reporting and year end fun!

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In the latest Risk Roundtable, Dave/@dpounderJen/@Gate15_Jen and Andy/@andyjabbour review some of the latest risks facing individuals and organizations. Jen decked the halls talking about the latest holiday scams that continue to bring coal to good boys and girls. Then Dave talked about the latest school shooting in Michigan and tried not to be a Scrooge by talking about some positive take-aways from this tragic incident while highlighting important lessons still to be learned in Christmas future.

Then, while Dave danced to spinning the wheel in his head, the Roundtable talked about their favorite 2021 moments from across the Gate 15 Podcast Channel, after all, we are living in a physical world (well, maybe not Jen). The podcast wrapped up with some holiday cheer talking about favorite television or movies for the season.

From all of us at Gate 15, to all of the individuals, security teams, and organizations around the world, here is hoping for a happy holidays and a wonderful 2022! Thanks for listening and being part of the continued growth of our podcast community!

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