Nerd Out Security Panel Discussion: EP 20. Retail crime and the year it was!

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The last Nerd Out episode of the season comes out strong talking about retail crime as Bridget shared stories of her busting out shoplifting trends, and then talking about the larger security issues at play (specifically overwhelming security) with the latest smash and grab incidents during the holidays. Joe then talked about the ways that these types of issues could spread to other sectors and encouraged organizations to evaluate their processes and training. The nerds then turned the clock back to look at some of the takeaways from 2021 while looking ahead to 2022 to see what organizations can do to start planning for. And for all the areas that were covered, there were so many more highlighting the continued challenge that organizations face. Wrapping up the year on a fun note, the merry band of nerds talked about their favorite holiday movie. Can you guess them all? It’s been quite a year for the Nerd Out podcast and we want to wish you all a safe holidays, and we are looking forward to a great 2022! 

The Nerd Out team:

  • Joe Levy is the chairman of the International Associate of Venue Managers (IAVM) Venue Safety and Security Committee. In addition, Joe is the Chief Operating Officer at the Usdan Center for the Creative & Performing Arts. IAVM website Venue Safety and Security committee contact information:; LinkedIn Profile
  • Bridget Johnson is the Managing Editor for Homeland Security Today. In addition to her contributions on Homeland Security Today, they are also running a series of webinars (Webinar signups). Twitter: @BridgetCJ 
  • Dave Pounder is a Senior Risk Analyst for Gate. Twitter: @dpounder; email: 

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