The Risk Roundtable EP 33: Making the list and threat over/unders

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“Alright, alright, alright,” welcome back to the latest episode of the Risk Roundtable! The team brings a familiar voice to talk about the impact of her work. Homeland Security Today Managing Editor Bridget Johnson/@BridgetCJ joins Andy, Jen and Dave to talk about her addition to “The List” – an accelerationist “hit list” based on her work on rooting out extremism and their propaganda. Bridget talks about the dual-edged sword of safety while also knowing that her work is hitting the right spots with these hate-based actors.

After Bridget left to handle matters connected to this threat, Dave, Andy, and Jen talked about the Multi-Factor Authentication and how it’s important to implement but to also take appropriate care. Finally Dave took control and led the Roundtable through a new game of “Over-rated / Under-rated / Properly Rated“. The team assessed where three security threats were rated and the reasons why. Andy finished things off with three questions that included Alf, Matthew McConaughey, and the endless Van Halen argument: David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar.

Some of the references from our podcast include:

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