Cyber Risk Management: “Cyber Chat” with SurfWatch Labs’ Jeff Peters & Series Links

By Andy Jabbour

Concluding the series we’ve been writing with our friends at SurfWatch Labs on applying the Preparedness Cycle to Cyber Risk Management, I had the opportunity to talk with SurfWatch Labs’ Jeff Peters about some common issues, best practices, and more in a short Cyber Chat Podcast.

The Preparedness Cycle, which is often used to prepare for traditional threats, can also be implemented to help organizations prepare for cyber threats. “The preparedness cycle has been around for quite a long time now and it has been used by the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, and other federal, state, and local government agencies as part of managing the preparedness process. The idea of applying it towards cyber risk is maybe something people don’t necessarily think about right away, but it certainly applies very well.”

Links to the complete eight-part blog series can be accessed below. To read the complete post, continue to SurfWatch Labs: Talking the Preparedness Cycle and Reducing Cyber Risk with Andy Jabbour and check out the Cyber Chat Podcast!

For an overview of the series, start with the Introduction to the Preparedness Cycle and then continue with the rest:

My thanks to Jeff and the SurfWatch Labs team for the opportunity to develop this series and share some ideas on preparedness and managing cyber risk!

This series was being written by Andy Jabbour, Gate 15’s Co-Founder and Managing Director. Andy leads Gate 15’s risk management and critical infrastructure operations with focus on Information Sharing, Threat Analysis, Operational Support & Preparedness Activities (Planning, Training & Exercise). Andy has years of experience working with partners across the critical infrastructure and homeland security enterprise to support national security and client business needs.