Introducing The Gate 15 Podcast

Our team at Gate 15 is looking forward to a project we’ve been wanted to develop for a few years, a Gate 15 podcast. Conceived several years ago by Dave Pounder, Gate 15’s Director for Threat and Risk Analysis, and Jennifer Lyn Walker, Director for Cyber Services, The Gate 15 Podcast will be a recurring discussion among our team and occasional guests as we explore the all-hazards threats and risks impacting the United States and internationally. As we seek to help apply a threat-informed, risk-based approach to analysis, preparedness and operations, we hope these podcasts are informative and maybe even a little entertaining.

Please enjoy this pilot podcast as we look back on some of the biggest threats of 2019 and discuss where the threat and risk environment is going as we move into the new decade.

Welcome to the Gate 15 Podcast with David Pounder, Jennifer Lyn Walker and Andy Jabbour

Link to The Gate 15 Podcast, episode one on Anchor and on Spotify, as well as other locations.

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