Nerd Out EP 44. The Middle East, threats to Houses of Worship, and 2024 Outlook

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In the latest episode of Nerd Out, Dave is joined by Alec Davison and Ed Heyman for the first episode of 2024. They opened the discussion recapping some of the events over the past several weeks to include the Prague and Iowa school shootings, cyber threats, natural disasters and health conditions before getting into the ever-expanding conflict in the Middle East and what it may mean for security teams. The group also looks at the impacts these events have had on faith-based organizations and then look ahead to events that could shape 2024.

  • Ed Heyman is a security professional with over 30 years of experience in the intelligence and security community and he is the co-chair of the Faith-Based Information Sharing and Analytical Organization (FB-ISAO) Organizational Resilience Group.
  • Alec Davison is a threat and risk analyst with Gate 15 where he works with various industries on threat awareness and security preparedness matters.

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