Nerd Out Security Panel Discussion: EP 9. Moving forward from Inauguration

The Nerd Out! Security Panel Discussion podcast episodes are recurring discussions among our team and our valued guests as we explore the all-hazards threats and risks impacting the United States and internationally. As we seek to help apply a threat-informed, risk-based approach to analysis, preparedness and operations, we hope these podcasts are informative and maybe even a little entertaining.

In the latest Nerd Out! Security Panel DiscussionDave Pounder hosts Joe LevyBridget Johnson and Travis Moran to discuss the continued fallout from the 06 January events at Capitol Hill and what it means post-Inauguration. Here’s a hint, we still need to be prepared for domestic terror groups and how they may spin events for their benefit. The group then looks at what 06 January means from a security perspective moving forward and what lessons can be learned.  

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  • Bridget Johnson@bridgetcj on Twitter, is the Homeland Security Today Managing Editor, (@HSTodayMag), and a security consultant, among other projects. HS Today is currently running a series of webinars (webinar signups, Notably, she is an L.A. woman and avid 49ers fan.
  • Joe Levy is the chairman of the International Associate of Venue Managers (IAVM) Venue Safety and Security Committee. IAVM Website: Venue Safety and Security committee contact information: | Joe’s LinkedIn profile.
  • Travis Moran is the Assistant Deputy Director, Critical Infrastructure Protection & Physical Security with the Secure Communities Network (SCN), and a long-time friend to Gate 15, having contributed his perspective to various reports and analyses. A retired law enforcement officer, Travis is a drones expert with experience in security across various critical infrastructure. Twitter: @dronin_on.

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