No Joke: The Gate 15 Pod, Episode 4 is Available Now!

Just in time for April Fools’ Day, the 4th episode of the Gate 15 Podcast is now available! There is a lot of information “out there” related to the COVID-19 pandemic – some of which is true and useful… Aside from initial reactions, and jokes aside, the team looks ahead to what’s next as this pandemic continues and how do we start preparing to handle other incidents – from spring flooding and an upcoming hurricane season to potential hostile events – in a COVID world.

Join Dave Pounder, Gate 15’s Director for Threat and Risk Analysis, Jennifer Lyn Walker, Director for Cyber Services, and Andy Jabbour, Gate 15’s Managing Director, as they talk to the complex reality and challenges associated with this ongoing global event and how we may make the most of this incident.

In this episode we acknowledge the important work of some great security partners, including:

There organizations and others are providing a lot of very digestible content that organizations should be looking at to understand the current threat environment and using these products to inform real time threat awareness and security training.

With some great thoughts from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Africa’s first elected female president, and the lady who led Liberia for 12 years – including through the 2014-16 Ebola, and from Jen’s mom, who provided some background on one of our favorite phrases…

The Gate 15 Podcast is a recurring monthly discussion among our team and occasional guests as we explore the all-hazards threats and risks impacting the United States and internationally. As we seek to help apply a threat-informed, risk-based approach to analysis, preparedness and operations, we hope these podcasts are informative and maybe even a little entertaining.

Please enjoy this next episode of The Gate 15 Podcast, episode three, on Anchor, Apple, Spotify, as well as other locations.