The Cybersecurity Evangelist: Ep 20 – Don’t Let Travel Scams Ruin your Vacation Plans

By Jennifer Lyn Walker, The Cybersecurity Evangelist

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In episode 20, I open by thanking those responsible for making episode 19 (and 18) such a success – Andy Jabbour (of The Gate 15 Interview and @Gate_15_Analyst) and Anton Shipulin (curator of the @BEERISAC: OT/ICS Security Podcast Playlist)! Then, in another solo session, I offer a public service announcement on summer travel scams.

The monologue begins by touching on how cyber scammers are creatures of habit and the expectation of travel-themed scams each summer. I also cover why cyber criminals don’t have to be creative and how they get away with using the same tactics over and over to appeal to our human emotions to get us to hastily respond in a manner that is in their favor – essentially, this is a chat on the human side of cyber.

However, the meat of this episode involves how summer is a great time for scammers to trick us with themes of urgency and excitement as we make much anticipated vacation plans. I list a few topics/subjects to look out for as signs of a scam. Finally, I cover five basic tips to avoid being travel-scammed, including why it’s important to monitor loyalty accounts.

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