The Cybersecurity Evangelist, Episode 11: ISAC Series – Tribal-ISAC

By Jennifer Lyn Walker, The Cybersecurity Evangelist

For my final ISAC segment, I had a great discussion with two Steering Committee Members from Tribal-ISAC. Bill Travitz – Director, Office of Information Technology, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, and Lee Edberg – IT Cybersecurity Manager for Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community. Both gentlemen bring great experience and insight to Tribal-ISAC and its members. 

Bill tells us how he experienced a major ransomware attack within just a few short months of being on the job. And while Lee hasn’t had to deal with a ransomware attack (as he said, “yet”), he is a leader in information sharing – as he was involved in starting a regional technical exchange/information sharing group among tribes in and around MN – which led him to TribalHub, and now to Tribal-ISAC

If you’re not a tribal organization, I trust you’ll learn a lot about tribal nations, just like I did. But if you ARE a tribal nation, I hope you learn a lot about the Tribal-ISAC and why it’s so important for your tribe to join. Listen here! Tribal-ISAC is open to membership for Native American and Alaskan Native tribal government, operations, and enterprises.

I am very thankful and blessed to have had such great guests on TCE, and I’d like to extend a final humble thank you to my guests from all of the ISACs and ISAO that have visited with me. So, THANK YOU:

That’s all for the TCE ISAC Series (for now anyway)! See you next month!

Resources discussed in this episode:

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