The Cybersecurity Evangelist, Episode 6 – The ISAC Edition/Series Part 2; A chat with WaterISAC

By Jennifer Lyn Walker, The Cybersecurity Evangelist

You may have noticed I didn’t publish a December episode of TCE. We had some excitement on the home front that actually preempted TCE – you’ll have to listen to find out more. We are blessed the excitement wasn’t worse, and I am blessed to be on a team that is understanding. But I’m back now and anxious to get this episode published! Why? Because it’s a chat with my colleague (no, not Dave!) Chuck Egli. Chuck and I work together at WaterISAC, so it was an easy discussion given my inherent knowledge of WaterISAC.

I was happy to have Chuck on to discuss the great work that WaterISAC does in support of the security and resilience of the water and wastewater sector. Some of the WaterISAC products and services we discussed are:

  • WaterISAC’s 15 Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Water and Wastewater Utilities
  • COVID-19 Working group (spearheaded by Chuck to bring together sector utilities for best practices and lessons learned during COVID-19 response)
  • Security & Resilience Update (a curated digest of relevant incidents and activity sent to members every Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Quarterly Threat Report (a quarterly report of physical and cyber incidents identified across the water and wastewater sector)
  • Threat Analysis Report (a bi-annual report on the physical and cyber threat landscapes)
  • Incident Reporting
  • …and more

I hope you enjoy learning about the ISACs and the pivotal role they play in defense of the security and resilience of our critical infrastructure. I’ll have more ISAC Evangelism next month, and I might even finally publish a segment with Dave! 😉

Oh, before I go… I promised a list of the ISAC’s that I mentioned in the opening comments, so without further ado, in alphabetical order:


Aviation ISAC

Communications ISAC

Downstream Natural Gas ISAC

Elections Infrastructure ISAC

Electricity ISAC

Emergency Management and Response ISAC

Financial Services ISAC



Maritime ISAC

Maritime Transportation System ISAC

Media + Entertainment ISAC

Mining and Metals ISAC

Multi-State ISAC

National Defense ISAC

Oil & Natural Gas ISAC

Real Estate ISAC

Research and Education Networks ISAC

Retail & Hospitality ISAC

Space ISAC

Surface Transportation, Public Transportation, Over the Road Bus ISACs


There’s an ISAC for you! Join one now!

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