The Gate 15 Pod, Episode 7: We get to discuss things besides coronavirus (kind of…)!

In this episode Andy, Dave and Jen discuss topics including Ramadan and faith-based threats and preparedness, the coronavirus “infodemic,” as well as the impacts of the re-opening / re-entry of businesses across around the world. Then the team wraps things up with some thoughts on hurricanes and National Hurricane Preparedness Week.

As the United States and the world continue to reopen and reenter, everything still has to be framed within the broader reality of the enduring pandemic. Join Dave Pounder, Gate 15’s Director for Threat and Risk Analysis, Jennifer Lyn Walker, Director for Cyber Services, and Andy Jabbour, Gate 15’s Managing Director, as they talk to the complex reality and challenges associated with this ongoing threat and how it continues to impact everything around us.

In this episode we acknowledge the valuable contributions of some dedicated people and organizations, including:

Thanks to those above and all those working to help enhance the threat awareness, security, preparedness and resilience of the United States and our global community.

Once again, as we chat from the comfort of our homes, healthy, safe and secure, let us extend a very sincere thank you to all those who are serving on the front lines to help, heal and protect our country and our world. Thank you to all the healthcare workers, police, fire and EMS, to our delivery people, our grocers and all those putting themselves at risk as we continue the fight against this pandemic. On behalf of the Gate 15 team, we wish you safety and good health-mentally and physically – and thank you so much for all you’re doing.

The Gate 15 Podcast is a recurring monthly discussion among our team and occasional guests as we explore the all-hazards threats and risks impacting the United States and internationally. As we seek to help apply a threat-informed, risk-based approach to analysis, preparedness and operations, we hope these podcasts are informative and maybe even a little entertaining.

Please enjoy this next episode of The Gate 15 Podcast, episode three, on Anchor, Apple, Spotify, as well as other locations accessible from the Anchor link.

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