Weekly Security Sprint EP 38. Protests, hostile events, security vulnerabilities and reports and more.

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Main Topics

War in Israel (see the Gate 15 SUN for abundant links and updates)

Active Shooter, Hostile Events and Fall Mass Gatherings

12 October 2023 NCSC / FBI Safeguarding Our Future bulletin – Russian Intelligence Poses a Persistent Threat to the United States

IBM Security Intelligence: 10 years in review: Cost of a Data Breach

Quick Hits.

Signal says there is no evidence rumored zero-day bug is real. “Signal messenger has investigated rumors spreading online over the weekend of a zero-day security vulnerability related to the ‘Generate Link Previews’ feature, stating that there is no evidence this vulnerability is real. This statement comes after numerous sources told BleepingComputer and reported on Twitter that a new zero-day vulnerability allowed for a full takeover of devices.”

Ransomware: CISA Releases New Resources Identifying Known Exploited Vulnerabilities and Misconfigurations Linked to Ransomware. As part of the Ransomware Vulnerability Warning Pilot (RVWP), CISA launched two new resources for combating ransomware campaigns:

US Secret Service: Announcing a New Series of Live Virtual Presentations on Targeted Violence Prevention. The U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) is pleased to announce a new monthly series of live virtual events. In these presentations, our expert researchers will share findings and implications from decades of research on targeted violence and offer strategies for preventing acts of violence impacting the places where we work, learn, worship, and otherwise live our daily lives. The list of available virtual training events will be regularly updated, and presentation topics may change from month to month. To learn more about this series of live virtual presentations, or to register for one or more of these events, please follow the link below. Learn More

CISA, FBI, NSA, and Treasury Release Guidance on OSS in IT/ICS Environments

CISO Research Reveals 90% of Organizations Suffered At Least One Major Cyber Attack in the Last Year; 83% Report Ransomware Payments

FTC Data Shows Consumers Report Losing $2.7 Billion to Social Media Scams Since 2021

UK NCSC: Mastering your supply chain: A new collection of resources from the NCSC can help take your supply chain knowledge to the next level

EPA calls off cyber regulations for water sector

#StopRansomware: AvosLocker Ransomware (Update, 11 Oct) 

HTTP/2 Rapid Reset Vulnerability, CVE-2023-44487

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