Blended Threats in Commercial Facilities: Researchers Remotely Lock and Unlock Doors

Researchers at cybersecurity firm Trellix (@Trellix, @TrellixLabs) found eight vulnerabilities in the LNL-4420 panel, made by HID and distributed by Carrier, which allowed them to take full control of the device. As reported by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai, @lorenzofb, in Vice/@VICE, this would have allowed them to remotely lock and unlock the doors controlled by the device, allowing them to steal valuable hardware or access sensitive computers inside whatever building that was protected by the access control system.

Giving a related presentations, tweet via Cooper, @Ministraitor, 09 Jul 2022

“With that level of access, we could unlock the doors, bypass all sorts of monitoring and really control the device in like a god mode state,” Sam Quinn/@eAyeP, a senior researcher at Trellix, told Motherboard in a phone call.

A similar attack has reportedly happened in the real world when a volunteer group of technologists and hackers known as the Ukraine IT Army hacked into the network of RuTube, Russia’s largest streaming service and YouTube competitor. As Lorenzo reported earlier this year, the hackers claimed to not only have taken down RuTube’s site for three days, but also have hacked into the system that controlled access to the company’s server rooms, locking people inside.

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