“I’ve been paid to kill you but wish to spare you.” Death Threat Email Scams

By Andy Jabbour

Scammers are always trying new ways to scare and pressure their targets into hastily making a payment. This applies to elder fraud, sextortion scams and other nefarious online criminal threats. I was surprised this weekend when I received the message below, informing me that the thoughtful sender – a professional hitman 🙄 – was trying to do the right thing and help me to stay alive, for a mere $20,000…

This scam was shared with the FBI, DHS, local government and via Threads social media for awareness. While this scam didn’t have the sender’s hopeful result, such threats could cause serious fear among some recipients and lead them to lose significant amounts of money, or to do dangerous things, including self-harm. Please always report scams and share the ways scammers attack with friends and loved ones for their awareness.

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