The GRIP Interviews: Part Three. Sharing Intel, Building Resilience!

Concluding our three-part series on the new Gate 15’s Resilience and Intelligence Portal (GRIP), Sadie-Anne Jones and Andy Jabbour further discussed the GRIP, information sharing, resilient communications and resilient organizations, and more! The GRIP is a new secure portal for sharing information, leveraging Cyware‘s Collaborate solution. In this short video, Sadie-Anne and Andy discuss:

  • How the GRIP facilitates information sharing for GRIP subscribers and how the GRIP allows horizontal information sharing with other Cyware communities to make easy, secure, value-added information sharing.
  • Crisis notifications, resilience, redundant communications and the organizational value of adopting Cyware – a way to bolster ransomware and other cybersecurity-incident response.
  • How the GRIP integrates partner advisories and feeds from some of the best cyber threat intel and news organizations to help inform the intel cycle and to bolster threat awareness and risk mitigation.

Enjoy the video below, join the GRIP! and join us in securing America’s people, places, data, and dollars.

To join the GRIP, click the link above or here, scroll down and select the “Join the Grip!” button, or email our team at [email protected].

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