The GRIP Interviews: Part Two. Gate 15’s Resilience and Intelligence Portal is live!

Continuing our three-part series on the new Gate 15’s Resilience and Intelligence Portal (GRIP), Sadie-Anne Jones and Andy Jabbour discussed the transition to the GRIP, a new secure portal for sharing information, leveraging Cyware‘s Collaborate solution. With the GRIP now live, they discussed:

  • How the GRIP supports and facilitates effective threat intelligence sharing across all-hazards, from technical cyber threat indicators to physical security best practices, health threats and mitigation, to environmental concerns, blended threats and everything in between.
  • How the GRIP and our team integrate and manage threat intelligence from various internal and external sources, including internal intel feeds, commercial threat intelligence providers, OSINT alerts, intel submissions, and more.
  • How Cyware Collaborate (aka, CSAP) supports not just Gate 15 expertise and info flow but also that of a robust community of partner organizations, helping subscribers gain access to some of our country’s best security organizations.
  • How the GRIP demonstrates the value of members’ investments, and how we strive to ensure that the benefits of joining the GRIP outweigh the costs.

Enjoy the video below, join the GRIP! and join us in securing America’s people, places, data, and dollars.

To join the GRIP, click the link above or here, scroll down and select the “Join the Grip!” button, or email our team at [email protected].

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