The Cybersecurity Evangelist, Episode 10 ISAC Series – REN-ISAC (Part 2)

By Jennifer Lyn Walker, The Cybersecurity Evangelist

This month, TCE continues her chat with Research & Education Networks Information Sharing & Analysis Center‘s (REN-ISAC) Krysten Stevens, Director of Technical Operations, and Brett Zupan, Risk Analyst and DC Liaison from REN-ISAC. On this episode:

  • We emphasize the importance of relationship building among higher ed and relevant community resources.
  • Discuss the wide and varied landscape of higher ed and research community.
  • We jump up on our soapboxes about how cyber is a cost of doing business, and not “if” but “when” you become a cyber attack victim.
  • We chat REN-ISAC services, such as Security Event System (SES), Peer Assessment Service, and Workshops (again).
  • Krysten brilliantly reminds us of the “trust community” that the ISACs represent.
  • Brett sucks up to Krysten with a nod to the technical operations team; and of course, Krysten couldn’t help but brag on her team too! As it should be. 
  • Brett rounds out our discussion with a masterful shout out to the NCI (National Council of ISACs).
  • Parting comments:
    • Brett – “Practice, practice, practice!” Be prepared, you never know when a major incident will impact your organization!
  • And just when you thought The Cybersecurity Evangelist ISAC Series was about to come to a close…Did someone say, ”Fourth of Jul-ISAC”? Ummmm, WHAT?

REN-ISAC Resources discussed on this episode:

Listen to the chat here and visit to learn more, and see you next time on The Cybersecurity Evangelist!

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