The GRIP is here! Gate 15’s Resilience and Intelligence Portal now available.

Kicking off a three-part series on the new Gate 15’s Resilience and Intelligence Portal (GRIP), Sadie-Anne Jones and Andy Jabbour discussed the transition to the GRIP, a new secure portal for sharing information, leveraging Cyware‘s Collaborate solution. They highlighted the benefits of the GRIP and some of the new products subscribers will have access to, such as the daily Situational Update Notification (SUN) and the new Generative AI video version, and much more. Andy also explained why he’s so passionate about Cyware, the process for homeland security-focused partners to join the GRIP, and emphasized how this new community is intended to enhance information sharing and analysis, preparedness, and resilience within organizations and the broader homeland security ecosystem. Enjoy the video below, join the GRIP! and join us in securing America’s people, places, data, and dollars.

To join the GRIP, click the link above or here, scroll down and select the “Join the Grip!” button, or email our team at [email protected].

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