The Risk Roundtable: EP 24. Are you Living in the Physical World?

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In the latest Risk Roundtable, Dave/@dpounder, Jen/@Gate15_Jen and Andy/@andyjabbour ponder whether or not we live in the physical world or if a little time off took Jen to a whole new dimension. Kicking off with another acronym soup month, the team looks at Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month and the downstream impacts that can affect organizations who fail to incorporate critical infrastructure dependencies into their preparedness plans. Then the Roundtable team talked about the recent warning of terrorist capabilities to strike the U.S. as well as whether organizations are better prepared today to address a crisis than they were pre-COVID.  In the process, the Dave pioneered yet another new term – ‘Preparedness Calculus’ – and whether organizations are evaluating events and factoring that into their preparedness process. The discussions wrapped up with Andy’s three questions involving some favorite fall themes – warm clothing, turkey, and the seemingly endless losing of the Detroit Lion’s. Before signing off, Dave had to talk about his enjoyment for Dune, but did he show some hypocritical tendencies? The team briefly discussed how critical infrastructure partners can help their customers this Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month. One example, recognizing @HomeDepot, was shared by Allan “Ransomware Sommelier” Liska/@uuallan, on 30 Oct.

Some of the references from our podcast and additional resources include:

  • White House Critical Infrastructure Month Proclamation. The following was recently shared by CISA. ‘The nation’s infrastructure relies on a highly interdependent environment and interacts with so much of what we rely on in everyday life. An impact in one area can quickly ripple across sectors to create disruptions across a community or even the nation.’ ‘Each week throughout November, we will spotlight a different way to think about how we build in critical infrastructure security and resilience.’
    • Week 1 (November 1-7):  Interconnected and interdependent critical infrastructure: Shared risk means building in shared responsibility. 
    • Week 2 (November 8-14 ):  Secure Public Gatherings: build in security for mass gatherings starting with your planning.
    • Week 3 (November 15-21):  Build Security and Resilience into Critical Infrastructure.
    • Week 4 (November 22-30):  Secure Elections: Building resilience into our democratic processes.

‘I don’t live in the physical world…’

Jennifer Lyn Walker, as she announces her transition to the meta-verse…

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