Complex IoT & Commercial Facilities

On 05 Mar 2019, Trend Micro posted, “Exposed IoT Automation Servers and Cybercrime,” a fascinating look at Complex IoT Environments (CIEs) and have also shared a fuller understanding of their findings in “Cybersecurity Risks in Complex IoT Environments: Threats to Smart Homes, Buildings and Other Structures.”

In Gate 15’s support to the Real Estate Information Sharing and Analysis Center, RE-ISAC, which supports all-hazards analysis across the Commercial Facilities Sector, this post was addressed in a members’ report on 06 Mar.

Our team reached out to Trend Micro about the possibility of a webinar on their findings, which was delivered on 30 Apr. The webinar included a presentation by Trend Micro’s Numaan Huq and Stephen Hilt, and a panel discussion including Numaan, Stephen and Gate 15’s Jennifer Walker. You may view the complete webinar below.

Please note, the actual webinar discussion begins at 5:50. Prior to that is mostly silence and general comments.

Gate 15 thanks the awesome team at Trend Micro for their great research and their willingness to both share their findings with the RE-ISAC community and Commercial Facilities Sector and to make that publicly available here. For more background, see the Trend Micro links above.

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