Gate 15 Product Update

The Gate 15 Company is committed to providing the highest quality analysis, preparedness and operational support to help minimize client risks across the global, all-hazards threat environment.

Regarding our free subscription products, we recognize the importance of additional context, relevance and concrete and actionable responses for leaders to implement into their risk management, preparedness, security, and resilience activities. To date, we have communicated some of this through our weekly Threat Dashboard and Torpedo Reports. Following recent discussions, we have set forward a plan to make changes in our production schedule. While we recognize the value our weekly products have to our loyal subscribers, the investment in those products consumes resources from priority projects and client requirements. As such, we have decided to cease production of the Threat Dashboard and the Torpedo Report.

We will continue to provide awareness, analysis and commentary via our free subscription daily, The Gate 15 SUN and via our regular blog posts, shared via the Gate 15 website. as well as other products and papers.

Further, our Threat and Risk Analysis Cell remains available to provide analytical and other support to you and your organization and we are happy to develop a direct relationship to help meet your needs.

The Gate 15 Company is proud of the support to our clients’ and partners’ risk management and organizational security and resilience activities by providing expertise in threat analysis, operations and preparedness (planning, training, exercise and continuity) support. We look forward to continuing to provide this service and additional services as requested to continue to support and meet your organizational needs.

Thank you for your loyal support and we look forward to working with you on new and exciting projects and opportunities.