The Cybersecurity Evangelist: Ep 17 – Health-ISAC, the ISAC Most Likely to Appear on the Gate 15 Podcast Channel

By Jennifer Lyn Walker, The Cybersecurity Evangelist

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This month, The Cybersecurity Evangelist finally takes her turn talking with Health-ISAC (H-ISAC) on Episode 17. This episode marks H-ISAC’s third appearance on the Gate 15 Podcast Channel – the Gate 15 Podcast trifecta! All three of our spin-off pods have had a round with someone from H-ISAC. First, Andy in The Gate 15 Interview: A Conversation with Errol Weiss, Chief Security Officer, Health-ISAC (27 July 2020), then Dave talked to Jon Crosson in Nerd Out Security Panel Discussion: EP 15. Let’s talk about Health! (July 2021). This time, little ‘ol me put her ISAC analyst hat on and got to chat with the heart of Health-ISAC – the dynamic duo of Zach Nelson (Threat Operations Center Manager) and Joshua Justice (Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst) from the Threat Operations Center.

After I geeked out a little with Josh on his Capture the Flag (CTF) development experience, both Zach and Josh talked about what drives Health-ISAC and the goals of the Threat Operations Center – the privacy and security of our protected health information (PHI) and why threat actors want that information – yours and mine! We also talked a little about cross-sector collaboration, especially between the ISACs, and rounded it out with a general reminder for all to be #BeCyberSmart about phishing themes leveraging the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

By the way… rumor has it that Zach and Josh supposedly cut their teeth on TCE. But if you ask me, they’re ready to launch their own podcast – perhaps a pod version of H-ISAC’s Hacking Healthcare… 😉 What do you think? Have a listen to a couple of budding podcasters!

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